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Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s mid August, “Summer is over” and we've been quarantined for 5 months. It has flown by and at the same time, what have we actually done?! Reflecting back on this summer I can tell you it's one we will NEVER forget and one that has shifted our perspective and appreciation for everything. Our summer has pretty much consisted of A LOT of baby time, Peloton rides, home decor & family road trips. I have a feeling a lot of you can relate. 

Summers are usually crazy in our household, with both of us traveling and my husband's demanding job. During this unusual time, it has actually been nice to have Ricky (hubby) home more, especially having a now 4 month old and two toddlers. I sometimes forget that I had a #covidbaby because time has just kinda ran together. We are grateful for how much time we are able to spend with our newborn, Isabella. Life is seemingly less hectic, and it’s been special to soak up this amazing time with her. She is so loved by her sisters and it's been relaxing not being on such a schedule, shuffling everyone around. 

 One thing that has saved us is road trips! We have always wanted to do more "weekend warrior" trips since having kids. Our family loves to fly, we are usually traveling on the plane all over. But this summer forced us to stay local and explore more of Northern Cal. It's been fun to pack all 5 of us in the big SUV and travel to Lake Tahoe, Carmel, Santa Cruz and Napa, enjoying the beauty, beaches and nature around us!

Let’s chat Peloton! If you asked me even 6 months ago if I were interested in a Peloton, I would say HECK NO. My parents and friends all tried to persuade me into getting one since having 3 young babies because the convenience factor is hard to beat! I loved my community classes (hot yoga and hot pilates are my fave), and I was okay with scheduling a nanny to watch the kids so I could get my work out time in. But my mindset quickly changed when COVID evolved, and let’s just say I’m on the Peloton train. Simply put, I’m obsessed! I can’t say enough great things about it. I love the instructors, energy, accessibility and convenience of hopping on. Bonus - I get a kick ass work out!

Another activity that has taken up a lot of my time is decorating and renovating our new home! This was a project I wasn't looking forward to and was definitely procrastinating. But with our newly open schedule, it was the perfect time to get it done! I asked a few design friends to help, and it’s actually been a fun process! The simplest details can change a whole room, and seeing the transformation is exciting!  

2020 has been difficult, to say the least, and has affected almost everyone during this crazy time. It can be hard to stay positive, but it's been easy for me to see the silver lining in all of this - spending so much time together as a little family! Love to all and stay safe!

xoxo, Leslie