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Happy New Year Sweat Team!

2019 was a year of growth and 2020 is a year of action! Curious what's in store for Sweat and their founders? Checkout what Courtney has planned below!

1. What's in store for Sweat in 2020?

We worked so hard in 2019 to bring you a new product - enter ROSE GOALS! We know how long y’all waited for something new, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of everyone’s patience. But we promised ourselves we wouldn’t let our customers wait that long again. We are focusing on new product launches in 2020, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

2. Personal goal in 2020?

Well no time like the present to announce… I’m pregnant! I’m due with our second baby boy in June of this year! On top of that, we are moving into a new house at the end of February! No matter what your 2020 looks like, I think we can all relate when I say, “THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!” My first goal and priority is Sweat. I want to get as many things done, ordered, situated, handled, etc. in the first 6 months of this year, before I have this baby! My second goal is to stay active - man, has that been hard this pregnancy. I’m not usually a lazy person, but some days I can barely peel my eyes off Netflix. I want to get moving at least 3 times a week, and stay consistent until the last month of pregnancy. Yeah, yeah I’m sure that sounds lame to some people, but hey, gotta start somewhere! The third goal I have is for after the baby arrives, and that is to not expect perfection, but embrace organized chaos. Our lives are about to get even crazier, and I’m ok with that!

3. Tip to stay sweaty in 2020?

Plan ahead! And that doesn’t need to be weeks in advance - for me, it’s usually the night before. I write (aka type in my notes) down a full to-do list, prioritize the items, and then make a little schedule for the following day. I try to find a 30 minute gap where I can get my body moving - could be an early morning Peloton workout, a lunchtime HIIT, or a stroller walk downtown where I usually get a Starbucks and replenish myself with all the calories I just burned. But that’s ok, too! Being a former pro athlete, I used to think a workout had to last at least an hour, make me forget how to walk, and have me struggling to catch my breath. None of that is true. Just get moving! Your body will thank you!

4. Favorite Sweat product?

I cannot live without our Foundation Powder Jar. I am honestly not sure what I did before it existed. It’s better than any other powder foundation I have used - and believe me, I have gone through a lot! No matter what I kind of day I have ahead of me, I apply this every morning. For simple days running errands, I apply a light layer after moisturizer to cover up any redness/ blemishes and give myself SPF protection. On days I feel more glam, I use this powder to set my concealer, even out skin tone, and buff until I reach the coverage I want. It’s my go-to product, and I go through at least a jar a month - thank goodness I know the founders ;)