Meet the Women Behind Sweat Cosmetics

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Meet the founders of Sweat Costmetics

From Field to Beauty. How Five Female Soccer Players Created A Beauty Line That Outlasts Your Workout And Makes Your Life Just A Little Bit Easier

An overview of the Sweat story: How the idea was formed? How the product was developed? What makes Sweat Cosmetics different?

No incredible story ever started with “well we almost…”.

So, first and foremost, we created a cosmetic line.

That is probably the thing we are most proud about being able to say. No, we don’t have cosmetic backgrounds. No, we aren’t Harvard business school grads. Although all of us have had successful athletic careers, never did we have any business launching our own company, until we did.

The idea of Sweat Cosmetics goes back to the college days at the University of Denver where co-founders Emily Hines and Taryn Hemmings played Division I soccer. The two always talked about how they should develop a cosmetic line specifically made for women athletes who sweat.  There never seemed to be anything on the market that was the right amount of coverage, didn’t cause breakouts, and was strong enough to last through competitions and workouts. Pair that with hating to wear sunscreen because it was greasy, left a white residue, and ran into their eyes- the right product just did not exist. As the two transitioned in their post collegiate lives, Taryn going to play professional soccer, and Emily, entering the professional business world- they kept coming back to their original vision… developing a sweat proof cosmetic line.

When Taryn shared the idea with the now remaining co-founders, Courtney Jones, Leslie Osborne and Lindsay Tarpley while playing soccer for the Boston Breakers- the concept just made too much sense.  Everyone was 100% on board and Sweat Cosmetics was officially born.  The five started getting together on weekly calls, researching, networking…googling “How do you start a cosmetics line?”- anything we could do.  

What was unique about our approach to R&D for Sweat was unlike other cosmetic lines that wanted to see how a product photo finishes or how deep they can get our red lip line… we were testing to see whether or not our active makeup survived a 90-minute soccer game. Could we use our applicator while walking out of the gym without needing a mirror? Could we wear it to lunchtime yoga and fool everyone back at the office we were only gone to grab a quick bite? We were completely obsessed with designing beauty equipment for extreme expectations.

Sweat Cosmetics

You’re only as strong as your weakest link- so we keep the whole squad solid. Our entire founding team is strategically curated to ensure every aspect of our decision making process covers the entire Sweat culture and relates to the 21st century woman.  We want every woman who uses our mineral cosmetic line to know we have put in the hard work, so she no longer has to. She doesn’t need to do the research, look up ingredients, question whether or not her skin is being protected- we want her to know, it’s a sisterhood. We’re in this together and we have her back.

Whether you’re a new mom to be, rising business woman, workout trainer, or a tenured momma with more babies then you can hold… Sweat Cosmetics is for you.

Sweat Cosmetics Sweat-Proof Mineral Foundation with SPF

Court, with her first little babe on the way is embracing the bump.  She’s a total makeup perfectionist and she’s going to ensure whatever Sweat puts out onto the market is going to take the heat and leave you feeling as fabulous as you already are!

“Confidence on the field comes naturally, but I struggle off the field. I break out, my skin scars and it’s sensitive. I use beauty to bring out the best in myself. “

Emily is all about the feels. How good do you feel after just crushing a workout and looking stunning while at it? Look good, feel good, always play good…she is totally committed to making sure our active makeup products are as strong as you!

“Sweat is all about embracing and empowering the everyday woman. I need products that are low maintenance, easy functioning and as resilient as I am.”

Les, about to have 2 little ones under 2, is not going to allow any fuss when it comes to her or your routine. No time for complications, just straight-to-the-point, nothing’s stopping you from reaching your goals.

“My life as a professional athlete had me running everywhere all the time. Our products keep up with my crazy lifestyle. They’re what I wanted my whole career.”

If anyone has your skin in her mind, it’s Taryn. The girl would rather read about skin enhancing ingredients and protection than any article on Page 6. Rest easily at night knowing whatever she gave the thumbs up on for our product is going to be benefit you in ways you never even knew.

“Sweat is made for competitors—for women who want to change the world and inspire. We built this brand to help women feel confident, healthy and strong.”

Like so many, skin cancer has hit way too close to home for our girl Linds. She is your biggest advocate for SPF protection and guaranteeing anything going into our products are safe for you AND your family.

“As an Olympic Gold Medalist, I was more concerned about my performance than my skin—which I regret now. Sweat helps me protect my skin throughout the day.”

Sweat Behind the Brand from Sweat Cosmetics on Vimeo.


Sweat Cosmetics

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