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At this point in 2020, I find myself constantly asking the question, "What is even going on?" Is it Tuesday? 8pm? July? I'm losing track, and they are all kind of the same thing at the moment. This isn't to say I'm not doing my best to stay positive and bring light to every situation, but between the negativity on the news and the self-distancing unknowns, staying positive is getting hard! 

For me, whenever I find myself feeling particularly down, I turn to sweat. I lace up my Nikes, hit the pavement, and clear my head. Just like our good friend, Elle Woods, proclaimed, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." So here's a playlist. Go run. Go drink wine. Paint a wall. Whatever you gotta do to get that mind right. We got this #sweatbabes. This will pass. We will win. 

xoxo, Em