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Race to Summer Series

Race to Summer Series
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So basically, every year, by the end of it, I want to say I spend a lot of time reflecting, being proud of everything I accomplished- blah blah blah.

But I don’t.

I find myself feeling extremely run down, exhausted, and quite frankly, unmotivated. I know, so dramatic but it’s true. What I have noticed is that every year, when I’m complaining to my mom about my lack of inspiration, she says “go sign up for another race”. Admittedly, she’s always right.

There is something about scheduling a race that gets me right back on track. If you think about it, it makes total sense. Obviously, as humans we do better when we set goals and make strides to achieve them, but for me, it goes even one step further. When I think about everything going on in my life, there truly is so little that I actually feel I control. BUT, being the control freak I am, training for my yearly race, gives me a sense of it. I get to control scheduling my weekly runs, I get to control saying “no” to a Friday night social obligation because I have a 16 mile run the morning, etc (let’s be honest, I never wanted to go but excuses are important).

My thought for this series was that I, potentially, wasn’t alone in this feeling.  As women, we are constantly trying to make our mark in this world, always fighting for what we want. It gets completely overwhelming. However, when you get a sense of direction, even if it only comes from a 5-mile run that day- small victory. 

I’m going to post, every week, what my training looks like- whether its small nutrition hacks, playlist updates, Q &A if you want to ask questions. Anything.

Call to action:

Task 1: Sign up for your race! No matter if it’s a 5k, half marathon, full marathon, triathlon- anything. Just get signed up. From there. Work backwards to today for what your training should looks like.

Task 2: Follow "sweatcosmetics" on Spotify. It’s incredibly terrifying to share with people what you actually listen to when you’re training but I don’t have the ability to be embarrassed so we are good. 


 Be back next week! Xo- Em @emilyhines3

My race day: Rock and Roll Marathon, June 3,2018 San Diego CA (11 weeks to race day)

Sun 4/1

Mon 4/2

Tues 4/3

Wed 4/4

Thur 4/5

Fri 4/6

Sat 4/7

Yoga Day

Run 3/HIIT


Run 5

Run 3


Run 14



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