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Race to Summer Series: Drank and Ration

Race to Summer Series: Drank and Ration
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Let’s talk nutrition. We all know “drink more water”, “shovel more greens”, “take it easy on the sugar”- got it. Throw in training for a race and your body definitely is going to need more help in this department. I absolutely am not claiming to be a nutritionist or Bible eater because I am far, FAR, from it. If I’m being honest, this is probably the area I struggle with the most.

I see all of these girls accomplish the Whole 30, meal prep every Sunday, honor their gluten intolerance, “dry January”- it’s amazing to me. 

I cannot tell you the last time I went a day without at least a glass of wine or I ever felt the need to take a picture of my fridge for “#fridgegoals”. Most days I am sprinting out the door with a green smoothie in hand, a purse full of GoMacro bars, and my dinner may consist of the bruschetta I ordered with girlfriends at happy hour. That’s just where my life is right now and I’m okay with it. Aware of it, but okay with it.


If you are like me, the best thing I always try to practice is: plan ahead. Know yourself/know your day. Here are a few tricks that work for me:

  • Buy a bottle of water anytime you stop somewhere. Grabbing gas? Run inside and snatch a bottle of CORE. Hitting up Target?  Throw a bottle in at check out. If you’re good at remembering your Swell bottle from home, refill it anytime it gets low. I am so much more prone to drink water when I see it.
  • Bars. Bars. Tricky and sensitive subject for many but I love them. Do your homework and figure out which ones are actually good for you and not just full of sugar. My favorites are: GoMacro, ONE Bars, Rx Bars, and Perfect Bars.
  • I have a shake every morning for breakfast and I have one after every long. I never have an appetite after my long runs so shakes are a great way for me to get nutrients back in my system. Huge fan of almond milk/Vega vanilla protein/banana/blueberries/chia seeds/spinach/almond butter/ice-done. I also throw my daily vitamins in the blender because watching me try to get horse pills down is slightly horrifying and makes me gag.
  • Gu’s- I carry these with me on my longer runs. Don’t really feel the difference but I’ve been told they help and I crush one every hour.
  • I eat out a lot for dinner so I try to take a daily narrative of what I actually ate that day and where my holes were. If I had a carb heavy lunch, I’ll grab a salad + protein for dinner. If I was running around all day and realize my calorie count potentially isn’t where it should be, I’ll go a little heavier on the grain/protein side. Balance is most important to me.

I never “diet” during race training but I also don’t give myself a “free pass” to completely change my typical habits. Everyone knows their body best and what it needs. Don’t overthink it and keep it consistent.

Finally to taper time TG!  Less than 2 weeks till race day! xoxo, Em

Here is a little throwback playlist for some my favorite timeless running beats.

My race day: Rock and Roll Marathon, June 3,2018 San Diego CA

Sun 5/20

Mon 5/21

Tues 5/22

Wed 5/23

Thur 5/24

Fri 5/25

Sat 5/26

Flow 2 Heated

Run 4/Pilates


Run 5/Yin

Run 4


Run 10



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