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Race to Summer Series: Plan that 'ish out!

Race to Summer Series: Plan that 'ish out!
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Making the time to truly train for a race is NOT easy. As we already know, during the course of a regular day, everything you had on your “to-do” list can easily fall off. Whether you have a kid get sick, your boss drops a project on you at 5:25 pm that "NEEDS to be done EOD", or you end up having one too many cocktails at dinner and don’t get home until 1am…anything can “come up” that gets in the way of your training.

One tool for success that I have made imperative in my life is the use of a planner. Not only am I so forgetful that I literally have to write everything down, but scheduling my workout, just as I do a meeting or a social obligation, helps me map out how realistic my day is. When I know I have a crazy day of meetings ahead of me, I write down “6am run”. When I know I have a girlfriend’s birthday one night, a “6 am run” the next day is not in the cards so maybe I need to pass on that 4pm mani/pedi and schedule a HIIT class instead, etc.

Every Sunday night, I try to spend 30-45 minutes mapping out my entire week.  I break it down to social, professional, health and myself (I truly do my best to make sure I schedule time to execute all 4). I have found that when you write out what you are going to do, you not only hold yourself more accountable to your goals, BUT you visually see when you are missing balance.  

This is a planner I HIGHLY suggest to everyone! Not only was it started by a dear friend/colleague of mine, but it truly has helped me execute my daily focuses. I love the four circles on the left side of each week, because each circle stands for something that should be important to you and what you want to accomplish every day. Sometimes that circle is as a simple as “drink a gallon of water” or “call friend/family member just to catch up”- so when you accomplish that little goal, you fill in the circle at the bottom of that day (small victories go a LONG way am I right or what?) to visually see that you are committing to what is important to you that week.

Here’s a little playlist to get you going on those midweek shorter runs (obsessed with what is out RN BTW!)-

Happy training babes! When in doubt, plan it out! Don't cut corners, you got this! Xoxo, Em


My race day: Rock and Roll Marathon, June 3,2018 San Diego CA

Sun 4/29

Mon 4/30

Tues 5/1

Wed 5/2

Thur 5/3

Fri 5/4

Sat 5/5


Pilates- Megaformer

Run 5

Run 7


      Run 5

Run 20



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