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Race to Summer Series: Sweat. Stretch.

by Emily Hines |

One of the most important things I learned after my first marathon was to not underestimate the power of stretching/yoga.  Whether “I didn’t have time” or thought yoga was a waste of it, I basically killed my body.  I literally would leave work after sitting all day, change in my car, run as fast as I could, then sprint to meet friends for happy hour or run errands. After I completed my first marathon, my left knee was completely shot. Sure, I had made it through my race day but it got to the point where I couldn’t even wear skinny jeans because it put too much pressure on my knee cap.  

When I was in college, I was completely spoiled. I had strength coaches forcing me to properly warm-up/cool down after workouts and a full team of trainers on standby should any athletic discomfort start flaring up.  Seeing as I was 26 and working 50+ hours a week, all of that discipline went to shit. After not being able to run for months, I finally went to a PT facility here in Colorado (probably spent well over $2k) trying to figure out what was going on. It was killing me mentally, physically, and financially. Nothing was working.

I actually bought a Groupon for a month of yoga at this studio near my house and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Learning how to work into my hips, hold poses that released my IT bands, slowly I got my running legs back.  From the amazing teachers I practiced under, I started to learn that yoga was ANYTHING but a waste of time. I love the phrase they always say, “the most important yoga class is the one you don’t have time to do”, because it is so true. When we start flying through our lives, not paying attention to the present, always rushing to be at the next place-  is when setbacks like I went through happen. I didn’t need crazy physically therapy, I just needed to really get into my muscles, joints, and alignment after smashing everything together for months.

There are going to be days where the class times being offered simply don’t align with your day’s lineup and that is totally normal. An app I have absolutely fallen for is called @aaptiv. They have all of these amazing yoga, stretch and running classes where the trainers walk you through what to do and they have the best playlists. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour- they have something curated. We have partnered with them in the past professionally and I genuinely believe in what they are doing. I thought I would hate someone talking into my ear but I love the versatility and convenience.  Download ASAP!


...and as promised, here is a little playlist to bring that heart rate down if you’re stretching it out on your own post run-


Happy training y’all and get in that stretcccchhhhhhh xoxo, Em


My race day: Rock and Roll Marathon, June 3,2018 San Diego CA

Sun 4/15

Mon 4/16

Tues 4/17

Wed 4/18

Thur 4/19

Fri 4/20

Sat 4/21

Flow 2 Heated

Run 4/Pilates


Run 6/Yin

Run 4


Run 16

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