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Race to Summer Series: Race Week

Race to Summer Series: Race Week
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Race week!

FINALLY! Last week before race day! Don’t really have too, too, much from here on out. You’ve already made it this far….sooooo, ready or not.

Thought I’d share my “last week” approach for anyone feeling in panic mode. Super simple and keeping it bullets.

  • If you’re traveling for your race, I always say get in that Friday. You’re going to want to have plenty of time to go to the expo, get in a light jog, head to grocery store, etc. Go figure out a cool venue/bar in the new city to relax; have a cocktail or two. You are still on vacation.
  • I always do a 2-mile light jog that Saturday.
  • Pre-game dinner- don’t go too crazy. Keep it consistent with what you’ve been doing! If you haven’t been eating a lot of gluten or dairy and all of the sudden you throw it in the night before, your body is not going to know what to do. My choice- lots of water, a great salad, chicken, and some whole grains.
  • Prepack your kit. Lay out what you’re going to wear (shorts, sports bra, tank, hat, socks, shoes, etc). Get your accessories ready.
    • Gu’s -I take one every hour.
    • Tylenol (don’t judge me)- I take 2-3 every hour (relaaaaaxxxx, it’s one day a year).
    • Running belt- I honestly don’t know why I even bother with this thing but I do. I throw in my cell phone, Gu’s and Tylenol and EVERY year if chafes my stomach so bad I can’t wear pants for a week. Open to suggestions here.  
    • Anti-chafe stick- go wild. Again, it is so interesting to me that I will train for this thing for months and the minute race day comes, the extra 4 miles makes everything go to sh*t. I always get my sports bra line, stomach, pits, and legs. Yes, even knees.
  • That morning, wake up with plenty of time to get to the starting line. You’re already going to be exhausted afterwards so an extra hour early will not make or break you. I promise, I sleep terrible before every race. Adrenaline takes over and you will be fine. Kinda.
  • Just DO YOUR BEST! Anything can happen, good or bad.
  • HAVE FUN! You have put in so many days, miles, months into this! Embrace the crowds, make an awesome playlist and get lost in the day! You’ll never be the same.

Final Playlist! Throw it on shuffle and LET'S GO SWEAT BABES!

Loved going through this journey with you! Xoxo, Em


My race day: Rock and Roll Marathon, June 3,2018 San Diego CA

Sun 5/27

Mon 5/28

Tues 5/29

Wed 5/30

Thur 5/31

Fri 6/01

Sat 6/02

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