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Booty Band Workout

Bringing you a quick little band workout that's perfect for those days that maybe you don't have time for- or you just don't feel like- a long intense workout. Band work is my absolute FAVORITE when I have low motivation because I can get in and get out and feel like I actually did something productive. No matter how many times I do band work, it never gets any easier and I am always sore the next day. It's also really easy to switch up the moves you do if you get bored of things quickly!

Anyone who has ever traveled with me, or gone through my bag (Emily, I'm talking to you) knows I always carry a band with me. If I get to a hotel late, or I'm stuck at the airport, working events, or just having a lazy day- sometimes it's just nice to get a little burn in. Plus no one ever complains about a little perkiness to that booty, am I right?! So grab your band, a little space and let's go!


1 Band. That's It. That's all you need!

Another plus to band workouts? You don't really need a warmup! Grab your band and work through each exercise with only the time it takes for you to adjust your band as a break. Grab some water after the last move and repeat 3-4 times depending on how you feel! Remember to keep at least a little resistance on the band at all times!

 Move #1: Side Steps

Band around ankles or shins. 

10 steps to your right and 10 back to your left. 

Burn out! 20 quick side-to-side steps in place. 

*Keep the band tight the entire time

 Move #2: Monster Walks

10 steps with each foot walking forward 

10 steps with each foot walking backward 


Burn out! Move the band above your knees. 10 slow squats pushing out against the band. Then 10 quick squats!

 Move #3: Leg Raises

Lay on your side with the band around ankles or shins. 

10 Straight leg raises with your top leg, then switch sides. *Make sure to keep resistance on the band here!

Burn out! Move the band above your knees. Bend your knees and do 15 clam shells on each side quickly. 

Repeat it all for a total of 3-4 times and you are DONE!


Post a #sweatyselfie after taking this workout for a test drive! 

Make sure to tag us @sweatcosmetics and let us know what you think!