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"I'm here for the snacks." Aren't we all? I don't think there has ever been a more fitting phrase, and speaking for our team, snacks are at an all time high at this point in 2020. There are days where I have self control and reach for a respectably healthy snack, but let's be honest, those days are few and far between. Anyone else addicted to edible cookie dough or chocolate covered anything? I'm hoping it's not just me! But the point of this snack-share isn't to tell you all the crap I ate last week, but to give you some healthy ideas and alternatives. So here we go - the Sweat Team's go-to snacks that get us through the day without negating that lunchtime workout.


Another oldie but goodie: Crackers and hummus, but upgraded with style! I am obsessed with Blue Diamond Nut Thins dipped in spicy red pepper hummus. I eat this everyday when I get home from work and I am starving, it is my favorite go to! Gluten free, good protein and always the perfect amount of "full" before dinner.

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I always make sure I have these ingredients in my fridge and freezer! I love making this smoothie with my girls every day. It's a healthy treat we all look forward to! Grab a blender and add 1 banana, a handful of frozen blueberries + raspberries, a couple dates to sweeten, 1 cup or so of oat milk, scoop in TB12 Vanilla Protein and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides... voila! 


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Don't come at me just yet! Yes, I know this is baby food, and I'm a grown adult, but here me out. These are insanely good, have tons of nutrients, and offer way more flavors than your classic apple sauce pouches. When I'm needing a quick, healthy snack on the move, this is what I reach for.

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Leslie introduced me to these bars years ago, and I never looked back. These bars are unlike any other protein bar. They have delicious flavors, don't leave a weird taste or gritty feeling in your mouth, and come in full size and minis! Best flavor in my opinion is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. You won't regret trying these out! 

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My favorite snack is a simple classic: Honeycrisp Apples with a side of your favorite nut butter. I go all out and get our apples straight from the orchard (seriously, so good!) and snag a couple RX Nut Butter Packets from the store. The packets make it easy for me to run out the door with a healthy snack in hand. It can get a little messy, but totally worth it!

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