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The #sweatteam knows the power of a solid playlist when you get your sweat on! Emily, a Sweat Cosmetics Founder, put together a playlist just for you (and her when she is ready to sweat!). See what she had to say about this playlist and the power it has in her daily sweat life. 

 Why do I love this playlist? 

I love this playlist because it's full of great tempo songs. It's ideal for anyone recovering from injury, looking to switch things up, or if you just want a workout that plays around with heart rate zones. The songs are all positioned to get you going, slow you down, feel some feels, finish strong, and always cool down.

When do you listen to this playlist? 

 I listen to this playlist when I need to channel my inner "underdog" and just go for a run matter what that "run" looks like that day, I always feel empowered when I get in that sweat.

Your tips for creating a good playlist to get your sweat on!" 

Build a playlist that triggers what you are going through at the moment- you're in love? Go full country songs! Getting over a breakup? Cardi B all day! Needing some motivation? Eye of the Tiger it is. Chances are that when you are relating to the lyrics or the beats you're working out to, you're less likely to focus on how much the workout "sucks" and more likely to get wrapped up in the music and the beats that move you.