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In a time where the feeling of fear, stress, or anxiety can strike at any moment, it's easy to cave and allow that emotion to take over. But this is where we are challenging you- why not take back control? This stage of our lives, that we are all in, is going to provide two paths. One path is where you give up on how far you've already come because times got tough or something didn't work out the way you wanted. And the other path is one in which you refuse to let this define your story and you keep fighting. Which one are you going to choose? That's what we thought. #sweatbabes don't quit. 



The best thing for me about working out is when I am feeling any of the above emotions, if I just go hit the pavement, 10 times out of 10, I will feel better when I get home. Here is a little SPICY playlist I made to keep you on the right path. You got this babe! 

xoxo, Em