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I think it's safe to say that none of us ever expected a time like this. The last couple weeks have brought so many emotions, uncertainty, and worry. But one thing is for sure - you are not alone! As we battle through this time at home, each of our founders wanted to offer up ways we are surviving quarantine, and show that us #SweatBabes push on!


This past week has rocked all of our worlds. It's crazy to think at this time even 8 days ago how normal our life seemed. Life has SHUT DOWN, especially here in California where, if you didn’t know, announced a state lockdown. Having two toddlers to keep entertained, while being 9 months pregnant, is an exhausting task. I keep reminding myself that this is all temporary, but it's been a big adjustment trying to stay sane. This is my best advice for anyone:

Get Your Workout In - This has been the hardest adjustment for me since my daily routine usually consists of my favorite workout studios. Getting motivated to workout at home has been tough, but thankfully, I have some amazing instructors doing some live workouts on IGTV! Check out Ally Mortensen (@allyvonwolf). 

Be Thankful and Positive - Soak up this time as a family, and consider it a blessing. Stay positive for yourself and for your kids - they are constantly listening and watching you!

Treat Yourself - For most of you, enjoy some wine! In my case, I look forward to my nightly popcorn and Netflix binge. Whatever you love, do it!

Sending love, positive thoughts and energy!



“I need to quarantine my phone.” 

- @Instagram

Same. Even though I regularly work from home, right now feels so different. It’s like I can’t get away from staring at a screen. I find myself incessantly scrolling with the TV on and my computer open in front of me instead of doing anything productive. Even when I read for fun, it’s on a screen.

I finally forced myself to do something to break up what has truly turned into almost a habitual addiction. It wasn’t anything big or complicated, and maybe it only stopped me from looking at my phone for a few hours, but it was something that I’ve wanted to dedicate some time to. And you know what… I felt better after and that was BIG. 

I’ve seen a ton of artists offering free online classes during this time of quarantine and decided to take a chance on one. Full disclosure: yes, I did follow a lesson on a screen but it was different OKAY! I started with a beginner watercolor class from brit+co ( Next, I’m attempting a much bigger painting class led by artist, Amanda Faubus (@amanda_faubus_studio), and I’m doing it over the phone with a friend... and wine! It’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to during this time, and we all really need something like that right now.



Working from home can come with lots of challenges, especially when you are used to reporting into an office. I am a remote founder of Sweat, and I work from home on a daily basis… with my husband… and my toddler. The best word to sum up my days is: DISTRACTIONS! But to one’s surprise, I actually do get lots of work done! Here are a my top two tips!

Make a to-do list or a schedule the night before. Seems boring, I know, but I live by this. I do this before bed every night, and it helps me stay focused on the next day. Being able to cross items off a list once complete is so satisfying and makes me feel productive and accomplished!

Give yourself breaks! Take a break from the screen and go for a walk for your next conference call. Take a break and make another cup of coffee. If you have a toddler at home like me, take a break and play a game for ten minutes. In the moment, breaks can seem daunting, but those breaks will actually help you be more productive throughout the day. 

Hang in there and find strength in knowing we are all in this together!



Times are tough right now. There is so much unknown, and it’s always hard to keep yourself and family in order, amidst so much chaos. But it’s also times like these that allow you to slow down, take a step back, find the small joys in life, and hold on to them tight! 

Having the kids at home is not always smooth sailing, but I do appreciate the extra family time. The toughest challenge has been figuring out how to restructure our day to match this new kind of normal. And when I feel the need for structure, I know my kids need it more than me! This is what we’ve been doing to stay busy: 

Home-schooling 101. WOW, I have some extra appreciation for teachers, administrators, and educators. I’m learning on the fly, but trying to make the most of suddenly becoming my kids substitute teacher. 

Of course, I can only keep my two kids entertained with educational activities for so long, so the rest of our days consist of staying active with indoor sports, baking a little more than I want to admit to, doing puzzles as a family, and when all else failed… we broke down and bought the last Nintendo Switch in town. Family game nights are now in full force, and we are loving every minute. 

Sending all of you healthy vibes and positive energy during this crazy time!



Obviously, this time calls for a lot of stress and brings on a lot of fear due to the unknown. I can't help but relate this to how I was feeling in my pregnancy. I remember venting to a friend towards the end of my 40 weeks, how I was over missing happy hours, sushi date nights, my 120% all-out workouts, etc. She simply said to me, 

“This is just a phase, all of those things will come back. For now, just focus on what you can control. This time is short in the grand scheme of things- this is not forever". 

I found peace in separating the current "situation" to what is forever. We are all sacrificing a lot right now, but the most important thing to remember is, this truly is not forever.  Just like my pregnancy was not about me; this time is not about us. It's about doing what we can for the greater good, and finding comfort knowing we did our part. 

Thank you all so much for doing your part and know that we see you doing it.  Keep the faith #sweatbabes. This too shall pass.