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Sweat On the Sidelines

Interview Series

Sweat™ is proud to introduce a new blog series to our followers, titled "Sweat On The Sidelines". We have tapped into our incredible network of hard working women in Sports Broadcasting, and are bringing you exclusive interviews to learn more about them and their journey. These women are crushing their TV gigs, embracing the Sweat™ lifestyle and, of course, rocking all the Sweat™ products as they do it. 

Angela Hucles Mangano is not only a friend and former teammate, but one of the biggest women sports advocates and supporters to date! She served as the President of the Women's Sports Foundation and speaks regularly about the power of sport and it's impact on personal growth. Did I mention she's also a former USA Women's Soccer star and has two gold medals?! We are proud to share her story with you. 


"...this is the time to do something different, take different action, change the way you look at a person, a situation, or yourself perhaps... We all must stay the course and keep each other accountable for the changes we want to see. "



"Invest in yourself 

and the important 

relationships you build. "


Tell Us a Little About Yourself!

I consider myself sporty and dorky. I love my family, music, having fun in life, and personal growth. 

How are you keeping busy these days? Walk us through a "normal" quarantine day in your life.

I definitely prefer variety in my days, so having two children, a 3 year old and a 2 month old, help provide that along with working.  From real estate client showings, zoom meetings, to preparing and researching to call a game, then doing playtime and bath time at the end of the day, I keep my schedule fairly full on a daily basis, and it's definitely become my "normal" quarantine life. 

How has the black lives matter movement affected you? Any advice or takeaways for our community?

The BLM Movement has affected me in a variety of ways from recalling times of feeling discriminated against because of my race while being a resource to people who are looking for more answers to be more aware and proactive during this time.  I've felt so many emotions over the last few months and felt deeply in moments that have caught me off guard at times.  But the biggest advice or take away I would have is that this is the time to do something different, take different action, change the way you look at a person, a situation, or yourself perhaps.  And we should expect this to be uncomfortable.  The only way we can truly make changes in a positive direction right now will be challenging, because it challenges so many of our norms and the way we've lived our lives for so long. So if we expect that and know that, we'll have a better chance of pushing through this discomfort. And it's continuing to take responsibility, for most of us, over the course of our lifetimes, these issues aren't going to go away overnight. We all must stay the course and keep each other accountable for the changes we want to see. 

Where can we usually watch or find you on TV?  

Commentating for some of MLS's LAFC games, ESPN's ACC Network Women's Soccer games.

How did you get into the TV industry?

Really it came from opening myself up to the opportunities that existed and learning ways to get involved.  I had a very quick introduction to becoming a soccer analyst; I had one audition and my first time calling a game was directly into the 2012 Olympics. I was fortunate to have some great coaching and mentorship along the way to improve.

What is your proudest life moment? 

2008 Summer Olympics, not just taking home the gold, but the way in which our team came together to do it.

What is the biggest life lesson that playing sports has taught you? 

If I keep working long and consistently enough, learning the lessons to make things better along the way, and learn from my mistakes, I can accomplish the things I set out to do.

What's your favorite workout? 

High intensity interval training...pretty

What does your "Daily Sweat" mean to you?  

Getting my daily mind and body combination just right for the day, helps me maintain my physical and mental health, and helps me to feel good about myself.  

Why do you think it's important to make time for your "Daily Sweat"? 

Definitely to provide something just for ourselves... too often we as women neglect our own needs, just having some time to ourselves is hard to carve out... I can't believe I'm still repeating these same messages I heard from my mother and grandmother, so clearly it's still important!

What is your go-to post workout snack or meal?

I like the ease of putting together a delicious smoothie, but often need a much larger meal for a really good post-workout after burn! 

What is your favorite Sweat product and why? 

Loving the new Blush right now.  The mineral foundation was my favorite product prior to that, but the application of the new blush goes on so smoothly and just the right amount every time.

What is the best advice you would give your 20 year-old self? 

Invest in yourself and the important relationships you build. 

What’s exciting coming up for you?

The birth of my daughter in July :) And a new role to help grow women's soccer with the United Soccer League (USL).