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Sweat On the Sidelines

Interview Series

Sweat™ is proud to introduce a new blog series to our followers, titled "Sweat On The Sidelines". We have tapped into our incredible network of hard working women in Sports Broadcasting, and are bringing you exclusive interviews to learn more about them and their journey. These women are crushing their TV gigs, embracing the Sweat™ lifestyle and, of course, rocking all the Sweat™ products as they do it. 

Our woman of the month is proof that persistence and grit pays off! Jillian Sakovtis worked from the bottom up, starting as an intern in the TV industry and eventually becoming the host of her show. Her success doesn't stop there, and Sweat™ is excited to be along for the ride!


"Always strive to be better. But at the same time, be satisfied with where you are at, enjoy the ride, and don't agonize over what you cannot control."





Tell Us a Little About Yourself!

I love a good story, people, a good laugh, all sports on all levels, getting fresh air, and keeping an open mind and ears. 

Where can we watch or find you on TV?  

I am the host and reporter for Atlanta United on FOX Sports South. In addition, I be found at Major League Soccer, the Big Ten Network, and ELEAGUE by Turner Sports. I am also the co-host of the MLS podcast The Call-Up!

How did you get into the TV industry?

This is always a hard question. Through a lot of winding turns! The long story made short: intern, producer, overnight editor, sometime on-air, NHL Digital Host, MLS Digital Host, News 12 Sports Anchor & Reporter, ATL UTD Host & Sideline, sprinkle some Big Ten Network & Turner in there... and a lot of bumps and "no's" along the way. But it's all credit to the people who gave me a chance and said yes.

What is your proudest life moment? 

Still to come! On the field: ATL UTD Host & Sideline Reporter on Fox Sports South. I still pinch myself to be a part of a club that is a modern day MLS trailblazer, always pushing the envelope, devoted, and insanely successful. Off the field: the relationships I have built & maintained. Whether that means personally or professionally, it's what keeps me going.

What is the biggest life lesson that playing sports has taught you? 

Listening! Listening to your coaches, teammates, spectators & parents. Always having my ears open, absorbing information and feelings around me is key to being a good reporter. But what's most important is knowing what to hold on to and what to let go of. This skill helps whether I am formulating a quick report on the sideline or keeping a positive & vivacious outlook in what can be a rollercoaster of an industry.

What's your favorite workout? 

Reformer Pilates. It's my therapy.

What does your "Daily Sweat" mean to you?  

Reformer pilates twice a week, an Orange Theory class, and some good old walking around... and sunshine if possible!

Why do you think it's important to make time for your "Daily Sweat"? 

Their mind. Everyone says it, but it's hard to believe until you find a workout that is your release, place of peace, and purposeful. For some of us, we grew up playing sports year round. For me, I never understood what sports or exercise did for my mind and mental health, until I stopped. I played 3-4 sports year round when I was younger, club soccer in college, and nothing once I entered the working world - I had to find a new balance. We are always finding our new balance.

What is your go-to post workout snack or meal?

On a good day: a smoothie or juice. On a bad day: a gyro from the Greek food truck outside my gym. And that's ok :) !

What is your favorite Sweat product and why?  

If I had to pick one - FOUNDATION TWISH BRUSH SPF 30! I am always on-the-go. Before a work out, after a work out, or even a flight, this gives me that airbrushed look. I can have one in my bag, glide it on, and go on with my day feeling confident.

What is the best advice you would give your 20 year-old self? 

Probably the same advice I should give myself now :).... Always strive to be better. But at the same time, be satisfied with where you are at, enjoy the ride, and don't agonize over what you cannot control. You will never be disappointed when you know you gave it your all. On a different note, while visiting an orphanage in Ghana, I read "Givers Never Lack" above the door. While we can easily become consumed in what can be an egocentric industry, help those around you, however you can. 

What exciting moments are coming up for you? 

Keeping on doing what I am doing, and see what comes along the way!