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Sweat On the Sidelines

Interview Series

Sweat™ is proud to introduce a new blog series to our followers, titled "Sweat On The Sidelines". We have tapped into our incredible network of hard working women in Sports Broadcasting, and are bringing you exclusive interviews to learn more about them and their journey. These women are crushing their TV gigs, embracing the Sweat™ lifestyle and, of course, rocking all the Sweat™ products as they do it. 

We are lucky to know and love this month's featured #SweatBabe, Kate Abdo! A highly acclaimed, British journalist who speaks four languages and has led major interviews with names like Pele, Ronaldo and Messi... any of those names ring a bell?! The sky is the limit for what this power woman can accomplish. Keep reading to hear her story!


"If you can make decisions with your bigger picture always in mind, you’ll make the right decisions."




Tell Us a Little About Yourself!

I’m British, I’ve lived in LA for 3 years now. I’ve moved around a lot since i finished high school in the UK. I lived in Spain,. France, Germany and now the US. I feel blessed to work as a sports broadcaster and get to talk about and watch the sports I love for a living, alongside athletes I find inspiring. 

Where can we watch or find you on TV?  

I host boxing and soccer for Fox Sports. And Champions League soccer too, on TNT. 

How did you get into the TV industry?

Not intentionally. I wanted to be a translator and after graduating in “Translating and Interpreting”, I was interning as a translator at a a German TV station that also produced content in English, Spanish and Arabic. One of their sports broadcasters was fired and I was asked if I would do a casting for the job, I was already writing scripts in German, English and Spanish for their soccer shows. I did the casting, and they gave me the job. I went through a day’s training on “how to do live TV”, and the next day I started the job, hosting the Sports segment on their news network. I was terrible. 

What is your proudest life moment? 

Being the first and only woman to host the Ballon D’Or alone. Not as a female sidekick to a male host. 

What is the biggest life lesson that playing sports has taught you? 

The importance of discipline. People who achieve at the highest level in sport are disciplined in their choices. I believe the same is true in other walks of life. If you can make decisions with your bigger picture always in mind, you’ll make the right decisions. 

What's your favorite workout? 

Boxing. I’m addicted. It’s an art, it requires focus and mental discipline, and physically, it’s hardcore. 

What does your "Daily Sweat" mean to you?  

It means my sanity. 

Why do you think it's important to make time for your "Daily Sweat"? 

Because more than anyone, the women I know multi-task, and perform multiple roles in their lives. Anyone dealing with that can feel stressed and depleted. I think focusing on yourself, your own health, enjoyment or purpose, gives you renewed strength to keep on juggling all those other tasks. 

What is your go-to post workout snack or meal?

I love to work out early and do breakfast afterwards. A latte and an acai bowl is perfect. 

What is your favorite Sweat product and why? 

Glow Hard Bronzer. Makes my skin look great without looking or feeling like I’m wearing a bunch of makeup. Love it. 

What is the best advice you would give your 20 year-old self? 

Always be aware where you want to get to next. If you don’t visualize it, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve it. But never disregard the blessings in your current situation. Life moves quickly. 

What’s exciting coming up for you?

I was due to work for the Olympics, hosting the coverage from Japan this summer, and will now do that in 2021, after it was pushed back due to the corona virus. The Olympics is a sporting event like no other. It was always on my bucket list of events I’d like to host.