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Sweat On the Sidelines

Interview Series

Sweat™ is proud to introduce a new blog series to our followers, titled "Sweat On The Sidelines". We have tapped into our incredible network of hard working women in Sports Broadcasting, and are bringing you exclusive interviews to learn more about them and their journey. These women are crushing their TV gigs, embracing the Sweat™ lifestyle and, of course, rocking all the Sweat™ products as they do it. 

Sara Walsh is someone we have all looked up to personally, and it's incredible that one of us gets to work with her! What's even better... she loves Sweat! We were lucky enough to interview her and get some advice on these crazy times, insight on her personal life, and of course, how she likes to get sweaty! 


"Be a good person, be kind, treat people the way you want to be treated. None of this is rocket science, it's just common sense"



"No matter what is happening in my life, even at my busiest, I will find a way to get a workout in. It impacts me more mentally than it does physically."



"Good and bad things are going to happen, so take time to enjoy the little victories along the way instead of always worrying about what's next."


Tell Us a Little About Yourself!

As a competitive athlete, sports were a huge part of my life growing up. I lived for game days. I knew I wouldn't always be playing sports competitively, but that didn't mean I couldn't continue to work in the field once I hung up my cleats. I've been in the tv industry for the last 2 decades. From hosting SportsCenter at ESPN, to being on the sidelines for NFL on FOX, I've been fortunate to cover, and work alongside, so many athletes that have meant so much to me. 

How are you keeping busy these days? Walk us through a "normal" quarantine day in your life.

"Normal" doesn't really apply to my life in a regular year and quarantine 2020 has made our "normalcy" even more unpredictable. We live in Nashville, but headed to Florida for Spring Training in February because my husband is the Director of Pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays. When baseball shut down in March we just never left. To fill our competitive void, Matt (husband) and I got seriously into tennis. We both played occasionally, but now we've been at it daily thinking we can somehow get on the tour. (Both of us are highly delusional) Baseball just restarted, and his team just found out they can't play in their home city of Toronto this season so our logistical nightmare of moving arrangements continues. He is now off playing baseball somewhere, and I'm currently still in Florida with our 3-year-old twins. I have no idea when we'll get back to our home in Nashville. And I'm not sure when I'll be back covering games for FOX as the ones I had scheduled have been cancelled/put on hold amidst this chaos. The twins are highly entertaining, but incredibly demanding and they don't pay me well for being their chef/nanny/chaffuer/housekeeper/stylist/bedtime story reader. 

How has the black lives matter movement affected you? Any advice or takeaways for our community?

First, I think you'd have to be inhuman not to be affected by the brutality we've seen. It's sickening. I hope this has opened eyes as to how far we still have to go when it comes to racial inequality. It is insane to me that anyone judges someone by the color of their skin. Who we are on the outside is easily the least important thing about any of us. Be a good person, be kind, treat people the way you want to be treated. None of this is rocket science, it's just common sense. The fact that we haven't been able to get that right is appalling. 

Where can we usually watch or find you on TV?  

This is a great question, and currently it's a trick question even for me. For the last 2 years as part of the FOX Sports family I have been a part of their NFL, college football, NASCAR, and now soccer coverage. Right before the pandemic shut down sports, I was so excited to join FOX's MLS broadcasts in addition to the work I'd been doing covering the mens and womens national teams. Unfortunately, after hosting the opening MLS game in Nashville, life shut down and I've been in a holding pattern since. I hope I will be back covering college football and the NFL this fall, so I'm keeping fingers crossed we can all safely go back to doing our jobs. 

How did you get into the TV industry?

I got into the tv industry via the newspaper industry. After getting my broadcast communications degree from the University of North Florida, I got my first sports job as a writer for a Jacksonville newspaper right out of college. I loved it.  I was covering the Jaguars at 21 years old, so I was in an NFL locker room younger than almost anyone I'd have to interview. From there, I sent out what feels like 500 VHS tapes begging anyone to give me a chance to do tv. Finally, a startup station in Macon, Georgia gave me a shot. From there I went to Nashville, DC, ESPN and now FOX. 

What is your proudest life moment? 

Having my twins against all odds. We suffered a lot of loss, many miscarriages and grueling IVF treatments on the way to having our little girl and boy. We were told our odds were not good, the procedures and surgeries and shots were endless. But of all the things I've overcome, nothing has been as difficult or rewarding as bringing those two little humans into the world. 

What is the biggest life lesson that playing sports has taught you? 

This is an easy one- overcoming adversity. There is nothing I loved more than playing and that was taken away from me my junior year of high school. I had back-to-back knee surgeries that could have been the end of me playing competitively. It was devastating, but it also made me realize never to take for granted being out on that field. I used to obsess over goals I didn't score, and pick apart every little thing I did wrong. Being forced to sit out, and go through extensive rehab gave me a different appreciation for just being able to be out there once I did return. I also vowed never to let anything take me off the field again. And from that point on I played through just about anything you could play through because if we had a game, I was playing. I think that toughness guided me through difficult situations later in life. 

What's your favorite workout? 

Running is my go-to because you can do it no matter where you are. When I'm home in Nashville I am obsessed with Title Boxing classes. It's the one workout that really leaves me exhausted and in a better mental state than when I walked in. It's a life-changer. 

What does your "Daily Sweat" mean to you?  

Working out and being an athlete is something that was ingrained in me since the age of 5. I have no time trials coming up,  I'm not going to be forced to "run laps after practice" if I'm not in shape, and yet I train everyday as if that might happen. Breaking a sweat every day is something I need for my mental sanity, and I love that the twins already ask me about my runs because being healthy is a habit i hope they'll pick up on. 

Why do you think it's important to make time for your "Daily Sweat"? 

For me, working out is the biggest stress reliever there is. No matter what is happening in my life, even at my busiest, I will find a way to get a workout in. It impacts me more mentally than it does physically. 

What is your go-to post workout snack or meal?

Water. Water. Water. I also eat a lot of grilled chicken with avocados. 

What is your favorite Sweat product and why? 

I'm a big fan of the mineral foundation powder. If I'm not on tv, i'm probably not wearing makeup. So it's nice to have a little something with SPF for cover on your face to stay protected. Plus it makes you look better without looking like you're trying!

What is the best advice you would give your 20 year-old self? 

Don't be so hard on yourself. Good and bad things are going to happen, so take time to enjoy the little victories along the way instead of always worrying about what's next.

What’s exciting coming up for you?

The return of sports! Or me joining the WTA. But sports will for sure be fully back before option 2 happens.