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Finally, those “meetings that should be emails” are ONE step closer to being what they one day will hopefully be. 

Here are the true takeaways for this new #WFH life… 

# 1

It is now totally acceptable to have your toddler scream out in the background while you are reporting last quarter’s metrics to the team. As long as you do the “so sorry guys” face and bring that baby to the screen for everyone to see, everyone will nod you back with the face that says “oh it’s okay, I am in the same boat”. Just finish your point and kindly pass the mic to Karen.

# 2

Also, a huge perk, you do not have to dress up every day! See ya later three-piece pant suit…welcome to the life of athleisure. Although you probably should not be in your bathrobe, even Erin Andrews is pulling off the “mullet outfit” (business cardigan on top, yoga pants party on the bottom).

# 3

Makeup minimalist at their finest. This is where Sweat gets to really flex. You just need to look “Zoom-Call ready”. “Zoom-Call ready”? Well, it is a new phrase being added to the dictionary as we speak. It means that while you do not need to be full cat eye eyeliner, you also aren’t ready to show Kevin in Accounting the bags under your eyes from the copious amount of wine you drank the night before. Wash your face, dab on some moisturizer, and let Sweat do the rest. Our Foundation Jar will give you as much or as little coverage as you need! Buff in circular motions all over to even skin tone, and then give a little extra effort to those problem areas. Add a few sweeps of bronzer and stroke your cheeks with our 'Rose Goals' Blush - you’ll already look like you put in the extra effort. Grab whatever mascara you have at the bottom of your work bag and if you really want to go for it, touch up your brows. This, my friends is what Webster’s is calling “Zoom-Call ready”.