What is the goal of Sweat Cosmetics?

Our goal at Sweat Cosmetics is to develop a line of cosmetics that contain SPF for the modern woman who strives to be physically fit while also embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.  We are committed to narrowing the gap between beauty and fitness while prioritizing skin protection.

What makes Sweat different than other mineral powders?

Sweat is the only cosmetic line solely created for active women. Every aspect of our products is carefully thought out to meet the demands of an active lifestyle.

Sweat has been formulated with a high quality blend of minerals and is free of oil, fragrances, and silicone. The formula does not contain talc, artificial dyes, or parabens. Sweat uses all natural sunscreen instead of chemical sunscreen like many cosmetics do. Sweat’s mineral powder contains an SPF of 30, which is higher than most mineral makeups with added sunscreen.

Sweat has also been formulated with unique ingredients for added benefits to active women. These include:

Milk Thistle Extract an anti-inflammatory that helps mitigate DNA damage caused by UV rays; Rhodiola Rosea a potent antioxidant with anti-aging properties; and Vitamin E an antioxidant that is both moisturizing and rejuvenating

Why is it important for active women to wear the right makeup?

We already know women are choosing to wear makeup while they are active, but because of the stress working out adds to their skin, it’s essential that they are choosing a makeup with their specific needs in mind. Sweat is that makeup. It is beautiful coverage that allows skin to breathe and has added benefits that actually work to make skin healthier as it’s worn. Sweat has identified skin problems that come along with working out like redness, inflammation and sun damage and created a formula that directly aims to prevent and diminish them as much as possible.

Is Sweat for everyday use?

Yes! Sweat is safe and recommended for daily use. Everyone should be using high-level sun protection every single day. Sweat is an effortless way to add this into your routine by combining it with a great foundation or finishing powder. Whether you choose to wear it on it’s own for a light buildable coverage, or layer it over your favorite BB cream or liquid foundation you can wear Sweat day or night.

What is the difference between the foundation and the translucent powder?

While both the foundation and translucent powder will be formulated with the same ingredients and have the same SPF, the translucent has a lighter feel and coverage. The foundation formula has more pigment added, giving it a higher level of coverage. Think of the translucent powder as a sunscreen in powder form with added ingredients to nourish your skin. The coverage is completely sheer and can be used alone or over any makeup as an SPF finishing powder. The translucent is a great option for any woman who needs the benefits and sun protection without the tint. Or even for men and kids!


What kinds of testing has Sweat gone through?

Sweat has been through SPF, stability, sensitivity (RIPT) and water-resistance testing.

Is Sweat suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! Sweat has even gone through specific testing to make sure it is ideal for those with sensitive skin.  Sweat products are all natural, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any toxic or harmful ingredients that can be found in traditional makeup. Our mineral powder is oil- free and fragrance-free; two big factors in clogged pores and breakouts.  Sweat is also silicone-free, which allows your skin to breath and not trap any unwanted bacteria or sebum under your makeup.

Does Sweat Cosmetics test on animals?

Absolutely not. All Sweat products are tested only on and only by today’s top-notch athletes! Also, our brush is comprised of 100% synthetic hair.

What about nanoparticles?

Sweat will not contain any nano particles. Any particles that may have been small enough to be considered nano, have been conscientiously bound with a natural binding agent to protect our customers from any harm.

Is Sweat “sweat-proof”?

Every person has a different skin. As hard as it is to control breakouts and when they occur, one thing Sweat is founded on is to only create products that can alleviate problem skin. Our products are all natural, oil free and will not clog your pores. Whether you are working through a spin class or just trying to make it through your day, our products will not be the cause for any breakouts.

Can I swim with Sweat on?

Yes, you can. Sweat will continue to work in the pool. You should however, constantly apply and reapply before getting in and after getting out of the water. Sweat’s mineral powder foundation and translucent powder are water resistant up to 80 minutes and 40 minutes respectively.

Can you use it all over your body or only meant for face?

You can use Sweat on your face, neck and other body parts. We recommend using Sweat for your face and neck primarily because of the tint/shade component. However, if you forget your sunscreen, Sweat can definitely be used as a replacement.

Who can use this product?

Anyone can use this product! We wanted to create a product that is convenient and portable so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the SPF.

Is Sweat safe for kids?

Absolutely! Our mineral powder products are safe for everyone.  Use the translucent powder on your kids, instead of the thick, white and sticky liquid sunscreen formulas!


What kind of sun protection does Sweat offer?

Sweat’s mineral foundation and translucent powder offer broad-spectrum SPF 30 that protects against both UVB and UVA radiation. Our active ingredient, zinc oxide, is a naturally occurring mineral with a long and proven history of sun protection. With titanium and zinc, Sweat is technically a sunblock; a more “physical” method of protection as it offers an immediate barrier against the sun for the user. This is different from many chemical sunscreens and liquids that can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to become effective. Sweat’s sunblock will be water and sweat resistant and because it is a powder won’t run or bleed into eyes or onto clothing. Choosing the powdered form of both titanium and zinc also allows for strong protection without a thick and heavy cream that can clog pores or turns the skin white.

What about indoor workouts, can I wear Sweat even though it has sunscreen in it?

Yes, even though there is sunblock in Sweat it can easily be worn indoors. Because it’s a mineral powder, it’s not like other sunscreens that are thick and clog your pores as you sweat leading to breakouts. It also protects you on your way to the gym, where oftentimes people are getting more sun exposure than they know through windows or on quick walks.

How far in advance of sun exposure do I need to apply Sweat?

A huge benefit of Sweat is once you apply it the SPF starts working immediately. You can rest assured that you are being protected from the sun’s harmful rays once it is applied.

How often do I need to re apply for sunscreen purposes?

The FDA requires reapplication of all sunscreen products every 90 minutes.  There are many different factors each person should take into consideration when spending time in the sun. What is your skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale? Are you in a high or low altitude? Are you in the water or on the snow? Are you on medication? What time of day will you be in the sun?  Understanding and respecting the sun are important to optimum health, as the sun can be a wonderful thing if we are responsible.

Sweat should be treated like a typical SPF 30 sunscreen. It depends on how much you use and what activity you will be doing. Your skin type and how sensitive you are to the sun can determine how often you need to reapply. Depending on the level of activity you may want to shorten the time before applications. As with all sunscreen, the more often you can apply the stronger your protection.


Where is the makeup formulated?

Sweat’s mineral powder was formulated and produced in the USA.

How many shades will Sweat offer?

Sweat will offer six shades in total. Five are mineral powder foundations to cover a wide spectrum of skin tones. The sixth is a translucent powder with a very small amount of tint that should work for almost every skin tone.

How do I pick the right shade?

As with most mineral powders, each Sweat shade can cover a very wide range of skin tones. We will have descriptions and pictures of each color but if you are having trouble picking a shade, contact Sweat’s customer service and we will try our best to help! Also feel free to visit any of the current events Sweat will be attending to talk with a Sweat professional about which shade matches yours best. If you aren’t happy with the shade chosen, let us know and we will gladly replace with a shade more fitting!

How do I know I have enough powder on my brush? How many coats do I have to put on to protect my skin?

It may take a few times to get the trick but keep playing with it. You can tap the brush on your palm and you can actually see the powder come out on your hands. The more layers you put on the more coverage you will get. However, a single layer on the face and neck will provide lasting coverage and sun protection.

How long does each refill last me?

With typical use, each Sweat container should last on average between 45 and 60 days. If you are a heavy user, i.e. have a desire for heavier coverage or are using multiple times per day it will effect how long between refill orders.


How do I use the component?

To use the container, pull the lid at the top of the component straight up. Grab the component around the center and use your other hand to turn the base until the brush starts to spin up. Once you feel a click, the component is in it’s “open” position and powder will flow freely out of the brush as you use it. If you have enough powder and want to use the brush to buff the powder onto your skin simply twist back the other way past the click but not far enough so that the brush moves back down. The powder won’t flow through and you’ll be able to buff and blend to your heart’s desire. Once you are finished, continue twisting until the brush is back down and pop the cap back on! (Always use the twist at the bottom instead of pushing the brush up from the base; this will make sure the container always functions properly).

My Sweat component doesn't seem to be working. What should I do?

When you first get your brand new Sweat component, twist the bottom to “open” and lightly rub the brush across knuckles in circular motion. This will help the powder flow from the bottom of the component to the tip of the brush. If your Sweat component is not new, and you are having problems, remove the magnet brush from the component and clean thoroughly, using a brush cleaner and paper towel. Make sure the brush is completely dry before placing it back into the container.

How do the refills work?

Make sure the component is in the “closed” position. Then simply grab the clear pot by the base and unscrew from the rest of the component (hold sideways to prevent powder that may be trapped in the container from falling out!). Now take off the lid from your new powder, slip in the container and screw back in.


Where will Sweat be sold?

Sweat Cosmetics will only be sold online at www.sweatcosmetics.com for the remainder of 2015.  Starting 2016, we are planning on building relationships with retail stores.

How can I get in touch with someone from Sweat Customer service?

You can email us at info@sweatcosmetics.com or call us directly at 1.844.TO.SWEAT .Or visit our Contact Us page.