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Foundation Twist-Brush SPF 30

"I have always been really insecure about my skin. Seeing as I have struggled with acne my whole life, I never felt comfortable leaving the house without makeup on. I just assumed I had to wear liquid foundation to get the coverage I needed. Once we formulated Sweat and I learned so much more about skin and ingredients - I was obsessed. I knew the twist-brush was amazing, especially for my crazy on-the-go lifestyle, but I needed something a little extra for when I was putting on my morning game face... "

Foundation Powder Jar SPF 30

Our best-selling SPF 30 Foundation in a compact jar, offering medium to full coverage and leaves skin with a healthy glow finish. This foundation protects and repairs active skin, and is packed with natural, skin-loving ingredients. 

 Water & Sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes. 

In clinical tests, after 1 hour of workout activity, 84% of women felt that the product was still intact. 

" ...The jar is seriously the best because you get a little more control over the amount of the coverage you want, but it is still the same life changing powder that comes in our twist-brush. I use it every morning, leave it in my makeup bag at home, and make sure I pack the twist-brush in my purse so I'm prepared for whatever the day throws at me."