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All items are final sale. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted. 

Product Questions

Is Sweat safe for sensitive skin?

Yes! Sweat has even gone through specific testing to make sure it is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Sweat products are all natural, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any toxic or harmful ingredients that can be found in traditional makeup. Our mineral powder is oil- free and fragrance-free; two big factors in clogged pores and breakouts. Sweat is also silicone-free, which allows your skin to breath and not trap any unwanted bacteria or sebum under your makeup.

What kind of sun protection does Sweat offer?

Sweat’s mineral foundation and translucent powder offer broad-spectrum SPF 30 that protects against both UVB and UVA radiation. Our active ingredient, zinc oxide, is a naturally occurring mineral with a long and proven history of sun protection. With titanium and zinc, Sweat is technically a sunblock; a more “physical” method of protection as it offers an immediate barrier against the sun for the user. This is different from many chemical sunscreens and liquids that can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to become effective. Sweat’s sunblock will be water and sweat resistant and because it is a powder won’t run or bleed into eyes or onto clothing. Choosing the powdered form of both titanium and zinc also allows for strong protection without a thick and heavy cream that can clog pores or turns the skin white.

Is Sweat still effective if I workout indoors?

Absolutely! Sweat's mineral foundation is 80-minute sweat and water resistant, and the translucent powder, bronzer, and illuminator are 40-minute sweat and water resistant. Aside from the SPF, our formulas also included specific ingredients to combat redness, perfect for any and all workouts!

Why is it important for active women to wear the right kind of makeup?

We already know women are choosing to wear makeup while they are active, but because of the stress working out adds to their skin, it’s essential that they are choosing a makeup with their specific needs in mind. Sweat is that makeup. It is beautiful coverage that allows skin to breathe and has added benefits that actually work to make skin healthier as its worn. Sweat has identified skin problems that come along with working out like redness, inflammation and sun damage and created a formula that directly aims to prevent and diminish them as much as possible.

Is Sweat for everyday use?

Yes! Sweat is safe and recommended for daily use. Everyone should be using high-level sun protection every single day. Sweat is an effortless way to add this into your routine by combining it with a great foundation or finishing powder. Whether you choose to wear it on it’s own for a light buildable coverage, or layer it over your favorite BB cream or liquid foundation you can wear Sweat day or night.

How do I know I have enough powder on to protect my skin?

We like to say two full layers over your face and neck will provide enough sun protection. Apply more if you want additional cosmetic coverage.

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