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"Based on the name of the brand, I thought this would be a great contender for this trial. Unsurprisingly, it did live up to its name. The foundation was easily applied with the twisted brush and blended completely into my skin. The brand promises 80 minutes of sweat-proof wear, but I found that it lasted longer because I wasn't doing anything extreme, just walking outside and riding the subway. If I were to do more vigorous and sweaty activities, I would trust this foundation to hold up."

- Chloe Anello, Nylon


"I found out about Sweat Cosmetics when they were doing an Indiegogo campaign, and I fell in love before I even received my first brush – and now I have several that I keep stashed so I am never without it! (A) This product works!! (B) Because it’s powder you can carry-it on the airplane (a huge perk when you travel as much as I do for work) (C) You can put it on over makeup because it is not tinted! (I love the tinted ones too but this one even the boyfriend will wear!) (D) It lasts awhile. I have yet to refill one of my brushes and I have been using it well over a month."

- Jennifer, Customer


"This Mineral Foundation survived a one hour Barre workout. I’m not kidding. For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to look like a fish out of water when I’m exercising. You know, floundering around, dripping profusely with sweat. My skin looked radiant before and after working out. I love the glow this product gives my pale skin!"

- Valerie, Customer


"Look, I had ZERO expectations for this. Sweat and makeup is a pretty much a recipe for a disaster. But here’s the thing, this makeup looked better after a hard workout. I don’t know if it’s sorcery, but the fact that the foundation didn’t turn into a clumpy, flaky hot mess blows my mind."

- Sheridan Watson, BuzzFeed


“I’m so glad I decided to the the mineral foundation! I’m currently getting chemotherapy treatment, causing my skin to have problems, but Sweat Cosmetics works great and doesn’t cause any additional issues”

- Jessica, Customer


"I'm a huge fan of this product. I love the container. It applies lightly but can be built up. And it's both easy to tote around and refillable. The product itself provides light to medium coverage and adds a slight glow. It also does even out my complexion. And it survives my workout. To me, this product is a must have for busy women, especially those who work out."

- Megan, Customer

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