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My favorite part about this product is the finish! It’s neither matte, nor sparkly; it honestly makes my skin glow. It has the perfect sheen and gives my skin life! Read more

And for being a powder foundation, that’s really something special. I hate the feeling of makeup but our powder feels like there’s nothing there. It’s silky to the touch once it goes on your skin, and after it’s on you don’t feel it again. My skin can breathe! The coverage is also a dream. It’s enough to even out my skin tone, but doesn’t cover up my freckles, giving me a super natural look. It also buffs smoothly over concealer for spots like my melasma where I need a little more coverage. Oh and let’s not forget the twist-brush. Not only is it ultra convenient, I love that powder doesn’t fly out uncontrollably, but just enough that I can can control the amount going on my skin. With other powders, I feel like I get too much at once, making me to look and feel cakey. This foundation stays on through sweat and whatever else you throw at it. It doesn’t sit in your lines or pores like other powders do, or soak into your skin like some liquid foundations. I can wear this foundation all day, with small touch-ups here and there, and it looks the same at night as when I put it on in the morning. There is, without a doubt, no other powder like ours.

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