Created and tested by professional and Olympic female athletes, Sweat Cosmetics provides active women with high-performing mineral and workout proof makeup. Engineered to keep skin healthy and beautiful, Sweat’s multifunctional products are formulated with skin-loving ingredients and all-natural SPF designed to protect and repair active skin.

We believe in empowering women, embracing beauty, and encouraging every woman to find her sweat.

Founding Team

Taryn Hemmings | COO


Taryn’s career has meant a lot of sweat and even more time in the sun. As a professional soccer player for the Boston Breakers and Chicago Red Stars and teams abroad, Taryn dreamed of creating a product to answer the questions she had been asking since playing Division I soccer at the University of Denver: why isn’t there a makeup product designed to hold on through a workout? Why isn’t there a quick, easy way to look good during and after a sweat session? And why does my makeup keep making a mess in my gym bag? And why do I keep getting sunburns? With Taryn’s vision, Sweat was born, and with her passion for product development and brand promotion and steady hand at the helm of its operations, it continues to grow.

Emily Hines I CFO


Emily is a Certified Public Accountant with a degree from the University of Denver, where she played Division I college soccer with co-founder Taryn Hemmings. In founding Sweat, Emily brought her financial acumen from the corporate accounting world to run Sweat’s accounts, investments, and fulfillment. Emily also puts in work from the ground up: fulfilling orders, connecting with customers, and going all in for Team Sweat. When she isn’t working, Emily stays committed to her active lifestyle, squeezing in workouts at odd hours and, in so doing, providing a personal angle on how Sweat products ease the lives of today’s professional women.

Courtney Jones I CEO


Courtney is a former professional soccer player for the Boston Breakers and Kansas City Blues. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Management and Society from NCAA soccer powerhouse UNC Chapel Hill. Since her collegiate career as a four-year starter, captain and two-time national champion, Courtney still breaks a daily sweat, whether grinding through an early Soul Cycle class or hitting weights in the afternoon. A skincare and makeup enthusiast, she leads Sweat’s operations with expertise in products, pricing, ingredients and product performance.

Leslie Osborne I CMO


As a sponsored professional athlete for ten years, model, trainer, spokeswoman and ambassador for Puma, co- founder Leslie has ample experience in the sports and lifestyle arenas. She made 62 international appearances during her 7 years on the US Women’s National Soccer Team, including the 2007 Women’s World Cup Team. A Hall of Famer for the West Coast Conference, Boston Breakers and Santa Clara University, Leslie currently serves as a soccer commentator and analyst for Fox Sports. As Chief Marketing Officer, she will solidify Sweat as the preferred cosmetic brand for professional female athletes and other influential women.

Lindsay Tarpley I CCO


Sweat’s most decorated athlete, Lindsay is a two-time Olympic gold medalist (Athens ’04 and Beijing ’08) and has 125 international appearances for the US Women’s National Soccer Team. A UNC graduate with a degree in Communications and a mom of two, Lindsay understands the value of clear communication to the everyday woman and provides valuable insights to ensure Sweat’s products are tailored to the lives of busy women. As Chief Communication Officer, she bridges the gap between beauty and fitness.


We’re on a mission to empower women, embrace beauty, and encourage sweat. Our ambassadors show just what hard work, dedication, and the right makeup can really do.

Olympic Track & Field Runner
Natasha Hastings
SWEAT: Track/Running    SHADE: 400

Pro Snowboarder
Elena Hight
SWEAT: Snowboarding    SHADE: 200

Crossfit Athlete
Christmas Abbott
SWEAT: Crossfit   SHADE: 200

Pro Skier
Jamie Crane-Mauzy
SWEAT: Skiing   SHADE: 200

Crossfit Athlete
Jackie Perez
SWEAT: Crossfit   SHADE: 200

Equestrian Rider
Lauren Billys
SWEAT: Equestrian   SHADE: 100

Pro Golfer
Marissa Dodd
SWEAT: Golf    SHADE: 100-200 (In-Summer)

Cheer Athlete
Anna Petry
SWEAT: Cheerleading   SHADE: 200

Free Skier
Jeanee Crane-Mauzy
SWEAT: Skiing    SHADE: 100

Fitness Trainer
Emily Hutchens
SWEAT: Kickboxing    SHADE: 100/200

Nike Master Trainer
Betina Gozo
SWEAT: Rowing    SHADE: 300

Fitness Trainer
Nikki Metzger
SWEAT: HIIT SHADE: 200/300 (In Summer)

Pilates Instructor
Kristine Ciardello
SWEAT: Pilates    SHADE: 100

Fitness Trainer
Rita Benavidez
SWEAT: Crossfit    SHADE: 200

Pro Basketball Player
Marissa Coleman
SWEAT: Basketball    SHADE: 400

Retired Olympian & Pro Softball Player
Cat Osterman
SWEAT: Softball    SHADE: 300/400 (In Summer)

Equestrian Rider
Tamra Smith
SWEAT: Galloping Cross Country    SHADE: 200

Celebrity Stylist
Jasmine Caccamo
SWEAT: Indoor Cycling    SHADE: 300/400 (In Summer)

Fitness Trainer
Shauna Harrison
SWEAT: Boxing    SHADE: 200/300 (In Summer)